How To Bet On Cyber ​​Football – Cyber ​​Football Betting Tips And Strategies

How To Bet On Cyber ​​Football – Cyber ​​Football Betting Tips And Strategies

Register on the official website 1win and get a promo code for a deposit. Massive cancellation of sports events has led to confusion in the sports betting market. To retain customers and maintain their interest in betting, bookmakers are actively working in new markets. One of them – esports in general and cyber football, in particular, came to the fore. We will tell you how to bet on e-football, how to figure it out and what are the strategies for betting on this sport. Cyber ​​football is of two types. The first is a computer game where the playing teams and virtual “football players” perform technical movements within the software – they shoot at goal, attack, defend, take the ball away from the opponent, in general, they do everything that real football players do. The simplest example of cyber football is a game of two teams in a simulator without choosing sides. In such matches, the computer algorithm fights against itself. Bookmakers unanimously claim that they cannot influence the outcome of a virtual match (the program does not belong to them, but to the developers), therefore its results are unpredictable and often not obvious. Another type of cyber football is a game of real people who, with joysticks in their hands, fight for real teams in a simulator.

If you have held a joystick (or keyboard) in your hands at least once while playing FIFA or PES, then you know exactly what it is about. In this type of eSports competition, the training of players, their experience and current form play a leading role. Many bookmakers accept bets on the current professional series and eSports tournaments, and some even host their own competitions. Let’s consider betting on simulated e-football in more detail. Different bookmakers have different programs, this should be taken into account when making a bet. In them, the strength of virtual teams does not correspond to real ones. Therefore, it is important, before starting to play, to familiarize yourself with the rules of each specific bookmaker in terms of betting on such competitions. In regular football, many factors affect the result of the game, and bettors take this into account. If you can imagine an ideal team, then this is any of the teams in e-football. However, it is impossible to predict the result based on the strength of individual players. In a computer program, both the game itself and individual actions of the players are laid in random order.

Nevertheless, bettors have tested a large number of strategies for virtual games. But it is important to understand that all strategies for cyber football are based on the search for some patterns and expectations. They are more like strategies for playing the lottery, slot machines, roulette. That is, based on random factors. Experienced bettors agree on one thing. If you have already decided to understand how to bet on e-football in order to win, and not just tickle your nerves, then it is better to do this in live mode, avoiding bets on the line. On the air, it is clearer what character the match took (productive or grassroots, for example), which team has a playing advantage, who is closer to the goal. It is not known for what reason, but it is absolutely certain, the program “does not like” unexpected outcomes, as is often the case in real football, when the human factor comes into play. Also, in cyber football, there are extremely rare zero draws, and also rarely wins with a large score. The odds for such highly probable events, of course, are low, but the developed strategy is easy to test, since individual bookmakers have a lot of matches.

You can bet on each of them and add to the express without going into details, as we do in the history of regular football. Here, the analysis of matches is much easier and less time-consuming. In real sports betting, the bookmaker has the ability to change the odds depending on the mood of the public. That is, the odds are less on favorites and on those on whom the majority bets. The more people bet on the same team, the more the odds decrease. In e-football betting, this is impossible, since the software, for the most part, belongs to developers (not bookmakers). But many bettors do not believe in this, explaining their disbelief by the fact that the bookmaker will never play at a loss. Based on this hypothesis, the “cash flows” strategy was invented. Its essence is that if a player notices a sharp or prolonged increase (decrease) in the coefficients, then he simply bets on the opposite outcome, in the hope that the movement of the coefficients will unfold. A sharp change in the coefficients in the language of bettors is called “loading”.

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