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The many forms of literature manifesting itself in the form poetry, fiction, prose, drama, etc., unfold before our eyes the secrets of the big bright world. Literature broadens the horizon of the readers and help them think out of the box. It stimulates thought, elevates the mind and gives aesthetic pleasure. Bad and decadent literature easily and quickly affects the human mind though it has no permanent place in the world of art. Bad literature suppresses the good qualities and virtues of man and evokes vice and animality. Bad literature cannot stand the test of time and eventually fades away. Uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press.

The poems of the Metaphysical, French Symbolists and the imagists, with their wit and scientific imagery, can be cited as examples of this complex interactive working of imagination and reason. In the context, one should necessarily recall the theories of Aristotle about a literary work. Aristotle insisted that a narrative should have “a beginning , a middle and an end”. Further he insisted on following the Unities of Time, Action and Place in a narrative.

In other words, one says that scientific creativity is objective in nature, whereas literary creativity is intensely subjective. And that it was possible for her to connect herself to Forster andHowards Endbecause she belonged to the same tradition. Was there any writer to whom I could connect myself in the same way? I remembered with some embarrassment that I had once, when asked during an interview about my influences, connected myself to the English writers Jane Austen, the Brontës, Mrs Gaskell, George Eliot. I did realise in time that this was not wholly true, because my writing was deeply rooted in my society.

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The nation lost a great poet, philosopher, social reformer, mystic and a greater human being. He established a school named Shantiniketan at Bolpur in Bengal. In Shantiniketan, the teachers took classes under the trees with open sky overhead and green grass under the feet. Later, the school became a college and then a famous university under the name of “Visva-Bharati”. Today, students from different parts of the world come here to study. Tagore went to England for higher education but there also, he did not like the traditional system of education.

And so science provides the type of mentality that is essentially against sentiments and emotions which go a long way in forming our life and which find expression in literature. Thus, literature defines the emotional tone of the period, whereas the science deals with the psychological tone of the period in question. When the 2014 elections gave the BJP a clear and strong mandate, many of us were thankful, because we were tired of corruption and coalitions. We hoped to settle down to a sensible governing, to the progress that had been promised.

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Some critics accused him of being misogynistic and elitist, and his views on race and sexuality have been criticized as outdated and offensive. Nevertheless, his influence on British literature and his legacy as one of the great satirists of the 20th century are undeniable. Classical literary works serve as a food for thought and a tonic for imagination and creativity. Exposing an individual to good literary works, is equivalent to providing him with the finest of educational opportunities. On the other hand, the lack of exposure to classic literary works is equal to depriving an individual from an opportunity to grow as an individual.

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Article 14, which promises all citizens equality before the law, seems remarkable when I think of what it meant to a people who, ruled by a foreign power, had been second-class citizens in their own country for two centuries. What it meant to a people who lived in a rigidly hierarchical society in which people could never hope to move up the social ladder, because caste pinioned them to their places. In any case, I had become aware by then that my place was in the midst of the great sprawl of Indian literature in multiple languages. Surely there was room for English among the many languages that made up Indian Literature? If this meant that I belonged to the class of Indian writers who wrote in English, something in me protested.

In fact scientific temper crept into English literary criticism also in the twentieth century. Richards’ principles of Literary Criticism and practical Criticism tried to do away with the background of a poem while evaluating it and analyzed it as a clean state. T.S Eliot also advocated that a critic’s focus should not be on the “poet but poetry” and he wanted an artist to be as detached and impersonal regarding his piece of work as a scientist is during the creative process.

That is the reason why, the experts of the field never try anything fancy when it comes to the instructions assigned for the completion of the work. Yes, despite having a plethora of understanding of the given subject and topic, each step is conducted as per the book. Tagore died on August 7, 1941, at Calcutta leaving behind a legacy of world-class literature. He is one of the most influential Indian writers and so not only the nation but also the entire intellectual community of the world suffered an irreparable loss.

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