Best Small Scale Business Ideas For Rural India Making India Self-Reliant

Government, as well as individual actions together, contribute towards the success of any country as a whole. Livestock farming is raising cows, goats, and hens, with the cost of doing business including the investment made in the purchase and care of the animals. Business owners have reaped the rewards from this kind of rural enterprise. Starting a company in a village might occasionally be difficult.

most profitable business in rural area in india

The special thing about this business is that this business can be done easily in rural areas and high profit can be earned at low cost. Now even the government is giving many types of fertilizers and seeds to farmers at very low prices. A large portion of the population still lives in rural India and works in small-scale enterprises in villages. This article discusses a plethora of small business ideas for tiny towns in India. These products have a large market in urban areas, whereas the raw material is in abundance in rural areas to become a profitable business with quick returns. The flour mill can also supply the products to nearby cities and towns at profits.

Livestock farming refers to the practice of raising goats, hens, and cows, with the expense of doing business including the purchase and feeding of the animals. You can start a clinic by renting a small space in the village and hiring an assistant who has some basic knowledge of medicine. You can start such a clinic with very little investment of Rs. 50,000. If your service region has less competition, your veterinary clinic will be significantly more profitable. As many states employ this technology, it will continue to be in great demand in the future. Farmers are always in need of fertilizers, and if you can supply a modest amount of capital, the government will always grant a subsidy. Most small business owners tend to work an average of 52 hours a week.

And supplying water is the most convenient business idea because the requirement for water is increasing day by day. So, supplying water through tractors can be a good option for business. Starting a business in a rural region is often easier since there are fewer stringent rules and requirements.

Milk/dairy center

Organic fruits and vegetable market is growing rapidly and living near villages and small town presents a sound business opportunity to start growing and marketing the produce. However, it is not easy to start a business and requires farmland or a contract with farmers to grow the produce. Moreover, these are perishable goods and require refrigeration for storage. It is advisable to start the business closer to vendors for less transportation and logistic charges. The shortage of well-qualified teachers in rural areas is a big problem and can be a good business idea to start a tutoring center with eligible teachers employed at the center. It will not only provide employment to qualified local youths but will help people to find a good teaching institute closer to their home for children. The business doesn’t require much capital and space, and, is a good business opportunity to explore, provided you have the qualification and necessary skills to run a center.

Fertilizer industry

Small-scale industries enable the rural population to learn skills that would otherwise be unavailable in large-scale industries. These enterprises aid in the efficient utilisation of the resources accessible in rural areas. Villagers aren’t known for having a diverse range of industries, and this lack of variety limits the economic options open to entry-level labourers. As a consequence, skilled labourers seek well-paying jobs outside of their small-town areas.

So start-ups can have ample business opportunities to capitalise on in villages, which they can grow and flourish relatively quickly. The penetration of financial services has increased significantly since Independence but there are many areas devoid of formal sources of financing. People in these areas still fall prey to local unorganised lenders who exploit these people with higher interest rates. If you are creative enough to write amazing content and copies for companies, then you can make money by sitting at home in your village.

Growing Cotton

This can be a great way to get started and have someone else take care of the business side of things while you focus on the front end. By starting a juice centre, you will be able to offer a healthy alternative to sugary drinks and fast food. Additionally, you will be able to create jobs in the community and help to boost the local economy. Small business units account for more than 90% of all businesses in India. A majority of these businesses are in rural areas and operate in the informal sector. Despite their significant contribution to India’s economy, these businesses often lack access to essential services and support.

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